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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Love and the Sunset

Love and the Sunset
by edgie polistico

Tired of rolling
in unfathomable heaven
Behind the curls
of white blue and gray

Blinding the world
and the shadow creeps
Weary eyes of the sun
late wishes as it sleeps

Wind rumbles the palms
murmuring song it has sung
And sweet melody it brings
while you’re still in my arms

Time passses time
wave chases waves
One thing for sure
these will never change

Sights are fading
fading is the day
Footsteps drawn
drown on the bay

Holding hands tight
weak hearts fight
Kisses of heaven
we both have given

So it’s getting dark
afraid now to swim
Because of lurking sharks
that may to us dine

We better play
a game discreetly today
No shadow – no show
the world at us cannot see

Cold wind brushes our skin
hot blood flushes shield us well
Measuring the depth of yours
and the length of mine we will

We determine the gap
of heaven and earth
That only horizon
divides and ends

wrtitten while watching a sunset at the Sandy Beach, San Jose, Tacloban City sometime in January 1994.

A sunset in Leyte